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The Vegetable Star Fruit Juice Were Able To Charms Of Cancer Cells

The Vegetable Star Fruit Juice Were Able To Charms Of Cancer Cells
Fruit star fruit is a vegetable commonly used as a flavor enhancer cuisine or extracts in the form of syrups used. The fruit is also known as star fruit wuluh or star fruit acids. Because it tastes sour, young green fruit is rarely consumed directly.

As an alternative, you can cultivate vegetables star fruit juice drink fresh, healthy and beneficial to health.

the vegetable star fruit into juice to cultivate healthy

Sure, star fruit wuluh juice recipe is combined with other fruits like jicama and watermelon. The combination of ingredients is what makes processed juices have tremendous benefits for health.

Ranging from lowering high blood pressure (hypertension), taking care of skin cells from the inside, to ward off the harmful cancer cells.

In indonesia itself, the largest fruit producing star fruit vegetable is the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Even tropical plants can bear fruit all year round without delay of th…

Assorted Recipes Smoothies For A Healthy Diet

Assorted Recipes Smoothies For A Healthy Diet
Slim and healthy body is a dream of all people, especially for a woman. Avidly consume smoothies diet to become one of the most popular body slimming methods at this time. A wide range of special recipes could be interpreted on its own at home, fruit and vegetable ingredients easy to find while equipment needed only one i.e. the blender. Of course for those of you who are looking for ways to lose weight in a healthy, fast and easy, precise answers are smoothies.

How to make smoothies to lose weight

Slim doesn't mean skinny!
Slim is a condition in which the body weight fat and water composition in accordance, as well as having a mass of muscle that can form a sloping body beautifully.

So, what should be done to form a slim body?

Run a healthy eating pattern, a simple example is to reduce the consumption of sugar and avoid fast food.
Running pattern of healthy living that eliminate moving lazy habits accompanied avidly consume smoothies for a…

How To Cultivate A Healthy Juice Of The Mangosteen Rind

How To CultivateAHealthyJuiceOf The MangosteenRind
Although it tastes bitter, processed juice of the mangosteen rind was believed to have tremendous benefits for health. In fact, mangosteen rind extract had proven capable of curing many diseases such as malignant cancers to light, reduces bad cholesterol, and lowering high blood pressure.

In the field of beauty, nutritious xanthone compounds to prevent build-up of body fat, while the abundant content of anti-oxidants in it useful to address signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots so that you remain ageless.

How to make drink mangosteen rind
The mangosteen rind was dry and wet ready to be processed

To cultivate the mangosteen rind into juice, tea and other health drinks, how easily any time. You can make yourself at home with simple equipment without spending a lot of cost.

In fact if you don't have much time, you could buy the mangosteen rind extract product that many are sold in health stores as well as online stores. Cont…

Processed Herbal Tea Leaves to dry the rich benefits of Soursop

Processed Herbal Tea Leaves to dry the rich benefits of Soursop
To make soursop leaf tea, you could use the fresh leaves picked daily to be drying or dry leaves. How to process quite simple, does not require special additional ingredients just a sweetener such as sugar or drink honey. Although easy to make, the benefits of soursop leaves can kill many kinds of cancer cells and cure dangerous diseases such as cyst, diabetes, hypertension and stroke.

Processed herbal tea leaves to dry the rich benefits of soursop
Be thankful that we live in indonesia because the plant soursop (Soursop) can be found easily and you can take advantage of the leaves is free. In fact, herbal products made from the leaves is like a teabag is already sold. It is suitable for you who didn't get to boiling soursop leaves alone but want to experience improved.

Maybe a lot of people (including you) are more familiar with the soursop fruit juice processed tea made from the leaves compared to those plants. The fru…

Bandung-Indonesia Bandrek recipe to cure a sore throat

Bandung-Indonesia Bandrek recipe to cure a sore throat

Bandrek Bandung-Indonesia's recipe for curing sore throats Recipe Bandrek Bandung-Indonesia to heal a sore throat

Recipe Bandrek Bandung-Indonesia is much sought after, especially the original recipe and it tastes similar to drink bandrek sold in Bandung-Indonesia. This drink includes a warm drink that is perfect for drinking when the rainy season, as it is now at the time of the new year in December in which the rainy season comes, it will be very fun drinking bandrek to warm the body. In addition, bandrek apparently also has a function to cure a sore throat that bothers. Sundanese people themselves have become accustomed to drinking bandrek, even who like many settlers also, bandrek so not only the Sundanese only. The main ingredients of the drink and brown sugar that bandrek ginger, and in certain locations there are also adding bandrek with spices, so it felt became more palatable, and warmer to the throat as well as your bo…

Recipe for Ginger Lemongrass Wedang Throat

RecipeforGingerLemongrassWedangThroat Because of coughs, throat itching this drink I made for pelega throat and increase eating talking lust
1 piece of Ginger finger
3 stalks Lemongrass
1 tablespoon Palm sugar (-+) or our tastes
pinch of salt
300 cc of water

RecipeforGingerLemongrassWedangThroat Step
1. prepare all the ingredients on the plate
2. Wash clean peeled ginger and Lemongrass in small pieces set aside
3. Pour the water dipanci and the cob Lemongrass and Ginger add a pinch of salt let to the scent of Lemongrass and Ginger came out about 5 minutes and then enter a Palm sugar boiled until sugar dissolves
4. Strain into a glass, a waste by-product of ginger and Lemongrass.
5. drink a glass of Lemongrass ginger ready to drink other, more luscious in drink when warm to pelega throat
6. This drink can add stamina it took 10 minutes to make

Benefits Of Temulawak To Body Health, Liver, Heart, Kidney

Benefits Of Temulawak To Body Health, Liver, Heart, Kidney
Benefits of temulawak to body health, liver, heart and kidneys do not have to doubt, already since the time the ancestors of temulawak lot used as a herbal remedy. Temulawak during this indeed has been known as a medicinal herb native to Indonesia which is very good for the health of the body.

Many parts are also often called root or Rhizome. The root of this is processed into herbal medicine, a way of processing also varies. The following are some of the benefits of a good crop of temulawak to health and it is important for you to know:

1. Maintaining the health hearts

For the health care benefits of temulawak good liver function, which can be maintained his health by consuming temulawak. Temulawak very good to keep or maintain the health of the heart, because it contains curcumae katagoga. Katagoga this is what helps the liver to produce bile and also provide the stimulus to empty bile.

2. Reduce art…

The Benefits of Cinnamon Bark for Various Diseases

The Benefits of Cinnamon Bark for Various Diseases
Cinnamon bark, is indeed sweet? Spice this one actually has the chemical properties of warm, spicy, fragrant and just a little sweet. cinnamon bark in his Latin language called Cinnamoman burmani efficacy to treat many different ailments. Cinnamon Bark has historically made a good spice flavor enhancer for cooking or making cakes.

The benefits of cinnamon bark at this time can be used to cure various kinds of diseases such as gout, hypertension, mag, headaches and more. Here's how to make a concoction of medicinal plants on this one:
For high blood pressure medication
2-finger leather cinnamon-sour cassia fistula, 10 grams
-10 grams of kaempferia galanga-15 grams, and sena leaf
-saga leaves 20 grams
How To Make It:
All the ingredients are boiled with water until the remaining 500 cc 200 cc. Stew filtered and drunk while warm. Other recipes, 1 finger of cinnamon bark skin, 10 grams of acid cassia fistula, hair 60 grams…

Efficacy of Whiskers Cat for treatment

Efficacy ofWhiskersCatfor treatment Who is not familiar with medicinal plants on this one, the shape that resembles the whiskers the cat, became the hallmark of medicinal plants on this one. But don't get me wrong besides the bebentuk Java tea, medicinal plants, this turned out to be a lot of benefits to treat various diseases.

Java tea leaves contain Glycoside orthosiphonin in meticulous nutritious to dissolve uric acid, phosphate and oxalate from the body. Especially from the gall bladder, and kidneys.

The benefits of Java tea can be used to treat a number of diseases such as kidney infections, acute and chronic, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, urinary infection and bladder stones.

Java tea plant to improve urinary drain
Cat's Whiskers-30 grams
Root-Reed 30 grams
-Meniran 30 g

Efficacy ofWhiskersCatfor treatment
All washed up clean, then boiled with water for as much as three glasses. Wait for it to boil, until the remaining roughly 1.5 cups of water. Then the herb drink …

How to Naturally treat Diabetes

How to Naturally treat Diabetes
How to Naturally treat Diabetes-Diabetes is a disease that is caused due to the insulin that is produced by pangkreas can not produce well, so blood sugar can not be absorbed by the body. Diabetes become a deadly disease into 2 world if not handled seriously, this is because many factors, for example due to a less healthy life patterns, used to consume fast food, and many other things become factors penunjung the onset of diabetes.

How to treat diabetes really is not difficult, if you frequently surf the internet in the world, because media serves a wide range of important information that you can use as a reference for treating diabetes. Here we provide important references about how to cope with diabetes naturally:

1. Bay leaf
Bay leaf to treat diabetes
You certainly know the bay leaf right? The leaves have a scent is often used to add to the flavour of the cuisine. In addition it leaves save the myriad benefits especially for treating diabetes. How to…

50 benefits of Turmeric for beauty and health

50 benefits of Turmeric for beauty and health
Turmeric is one of the Indonesian plant as well as ingredients that are very often we encounter. Even this many kumyit used for cooking because of the ideals of the typical taste. But taukah you that herbs sometimes often disepelekan is a plant that can serve as drug disease? It could even help beautify your diiri.

Turmeric is usually made seasoning opor ayam, nasi tumpeng, yolk, herbs. Even the modern dizaman Saffron has been made into a product is packaged ready-to-drink. You can also consume turmeric in benthic herbalism. Well now you also have to know what the heck it's turmeric? And what are its benefits?.
Benefits Of Turmeric
The benefits of turmeric for skin
Turmeric Rhizome

Turmeric, known in Latin as the language of Curcuma domestica, Vhal. Is a tribe of plant of the Family Zingiberaceae or is tunbuhan or spice spice that comes from India. Turmeric has a different nickname ditiap areas such as Saffron (uk), Saffron (Netherlands), …

How to Naturally Treat Disease Miom

How to Naturally Treat Disease Miom Not known by many women, this is unfortunate. Miom disease is one of the diseases that attack the women, but unfortunately not many know what it is and how can it be miom disease onset disease miom. In other words the Miom from tumors of the uterine muscles, where the cell – a benign abnormal cells grow in the muscle wall of the uterus. Miom is itself a type of benign tumor-like disease and is located on the wall of the womb of the woman who then grow at a time when women still in its productive.

Size is not large, the miom miom measures only such as nuts or grapes. More dangerous again miom not only grow one on the wall of the uterus, but the miom could grow much at all over the walls of the uterus. The disease itself can be miom develops quickly, but with a slow growing depending on the person and the cause of supporting him. Miom himself was not associated with risk of cancer of the uterus, although several possibilities could happen but some case…

23 Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Health and Beauty!

23 Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Health and Beauty!

Did You Know?
Soursop leaf turned out to be 10,000 times more powerful content and kehasiatnya of chemotherapy in preventing and treating cancer. It's been proved upon research conducted by scientists. Around 1965, a variety of studies scientists prove that the content of soursop leaves have better efficacy than chemotherapy, even those extracts may slow down the growth of cancer. The National Cancer Institute has been conducting a scientific research result asserting that the stems and leaves of the soursop is effective to attack and destroy cancer cells in the body. This occurs due to the very high compound proactive in soursop leaves for our bodies. The compound is a compound rare/hard to find at other plants.

Even the State Korea has also done research on soursop leaves and they discovered a chemical compound which acts selectively kill colon cancer cells as well as 10,000 times more potent chemotherapy drugs that are found in …

Hydroponic Growing Media That Is Effortless And Inexpensive

HydroponicGrowingMediaThat IsEffortless AndInexpensive Embed media on hydroponic gardening or planting system is indispensable to support the roots and help her upright plants. In addition the planting medium used should be able to help the flow of nutrients through the roots of the plant. As a beginner confused sometimes we have to use what to make the planting medium hydroponic system. The following are some of the ingredients are all around us with cheap prices and you can use as a hydroponic growing media.
Hydroponic growing media, natural organic Hydroponic growing media

HydroponicGrowingMediaThat IsEffortless AndInexpensive
1. Sand
The sand is very easily obtained all around us, the price is very cheap. Before being used as a medium for planting, be sure to clean the used sand to avoid seedling disease. The sand is very little water and will not hold the nutrient solution anyway.

2. The husk
The husk is not only used as a medium for planting in a conventional system, but both al…

How To Grow Hydroponic System Wick Chillies/Axis

How To Grow Hydroponic System Wick Chillies/Axis On this occasion I will discuss about how to grow hydroponic system using chilies wick/axis. Chilli plant hydroponic way more beneficial at least easy care and not have to bother watering. How to grow hydroponic system wick chili is quite simple and cheap because you can use second-hand materials available in your home.
planting chillies in a hydroponic pot in axis
Materials Needed For Growing Hydroponic Systems Chili Wick/Axis

Pots for planting chillies
Other container such as a bucket or container used for the wall paint nutrient solution
Flannel fabric/wicks
Stereofoam (when needed)

How To Grow Hydroponic System Wick Chillies/Axis
The following are the steps that you can follow for growing hydroponic systems chili wick/axis:
1. Preparation of the Pot
The pots used for growing hydroponic systems chili wick should be quite large with a diameter of 20-30 cm. make sure the pot has a hole at the bottom and the side. You can hollow out the pot with…

Ginger Plant

Ginger Plant
How to plant ginger in Polybag - Ginger is one of the popular plant either in Indonesia or in the world. In addition to being used as a spice/seasoning, ginger was much used as a remedy. You may be familiar with typical cuisine made of ginger like bandrek wedang round, long, etc. which is very tasty eaten during cold weather to warm up the body.

Rather than buy ginger for its own consumption, it would be nice if you plant the ginger in the House so they will be every time you need ginger then you can pick it up directly from Your yard, a more efficient, safer and fresher. Usually planting directly using ginger in soils, but for those of you who do not have spacious lawns, you can get ginger with ginger planting in poly bag or in a pot.

How to plant ginger in Polybag

Plant the ginger in a polybag is quite easy and practical. Cultivation ways of ginger is indeed not much depend on the place and the weather so that it can be done anywhere and anytime. From planting to harve…