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50 benefits of Turmeric for beauty and health

50 benefits of Turmeric for beauty and health
Turmeric is one of the Indonesian plant as well as ingredients that are very often we encounter. Even this many kumyit used for cooking because of the ideals of the typical taste. But taukah you that herbs sometimes often disepelekan is a plant that can serve as drug disease? It could even help beautify your diiri.

Turmeric is usually made seasoning opor ayam, nasi tumpeng, yolk, herbs. Even the modern dizaman Saffron has been made into a product is packaged ready-to-drink. You can also consume turmeric in benthic herbalism. Well now you also have to know what the heck it's turmeric? And what are its benefits?.
Benefits Of Turmeric
The benefits of turmeric for skin
Turmeric Rhizome

Turmeric, known in Latin as the language of Curcuma domestica, Vhal. Is a tribe of plant of the Family Zingiberaceae or is tunbuhan or spice spice that comes from India. Turmeric has a different nickname ditiap areas such as Saffron (uk), Saffron (Netherlands), Koneng (Sunda), Turmeric (Java), Konyet (Madura).

Turmeric can grow nearly throughout Java. In addition usually also grows wild around the Bush Bush forest teak. But with so many permntaan will need so saffron now many cultivated plants terna.

Turmeric Plant traits
Turmeric plant traits
Turmeric Plant

We can see the leaves like banana leaves only smaller. Would rich banana-type plants pisangan.
The leaves are green
The stem and leaves are ovoid-shaped helaian
Beyond the kunyitnya Brown kejinggaan
and it itself is yellow, red, Orange

Types Of Saffron
1. Turmeric Yellow
The benefits of Turmeric to soften skin
Turmeric Yellow
The turmeric is often used and easily found. Turmeric is also commonly used as a seasoning to taste typical dishes. For example, only the yellow is often used to make a typical yellow rice and delicious taste.

2. Turmeric White
Obati different diseases with Turmeric White
Turmeric White
White turmeric is commonly have white meat. Hence it is often referred to as white turmeric. Turmeric is not included into the white descendants of curcumae because it has a white color. Hence his trademark white and transparent. White turmeric is often also referred to as appointment or appointment rapet Princess.

3. Red Turmeric
Beautify yourself with the help of Red turmeric
Red Turmeric

In fact almost the same with red turmeric turmeric yellow colour only lenig kemerah merahan. Turmeric is also commonly used as a spice in the kitchen. and can treat a variety of ailments both mild or severe.

4. Black Turmeric
How fast the Ageless Black with turmeric
Black Turmeric
Black turmeric is one of the very rare plants that are very difficult to find nowadays. Turmeric is an awful lot of devotees because it could treat cysts and can also make us to be ageless. Well this one turmeric tuh usually often identified-associate with mystical things. Black turmeric basically has the same shape as saffron in general it's just blue daginggnya blackish or blackish purple.

Content in Turmeric

Essential Oil
The Bitter Substances

50 benefits of Turmeric for beauty and health
The Benefits Of Turmeric For Health
Turmeric has a lot of benefits to keep our body into staying healthy. In addition to turmeric is also believed to be able to treat a variety of diseases from mild illness to severe disease. He's some diseases that can be treated by consuming saffron.

Diabetes Mellitus
Ache Vaginal Discharge
Menstruation is not smooth
Stomach mules during menstruation
Help smoothen the ASI
Able to help facilitate the delivery
Wean baby
Cangkrang (waterproken)
The tonsils
Mucous Diarrhea
Abdominal Pain
Stomach Nausea
Stomach Heartburn
Bloated Stomach
Difficult to defecate
Canker sores
Drunk On Vehicles
Pain due to cavities
Blood Enhancer
Cleanses the blood
Increase Appetite
Treating ulcers
Treating ulcers or koreng
Treating swelling due to disengant by an insect or Caterpillar hairs

The benefits of Turmeric for beauty

Remove stains of acne scars
Make the skin become smooth lebis
Can make the skin appear firmer and youthful
Treat Acne
Treating oily skin because it can reduce the production of excess skin miyak
Disguising wrinkles
Prevent the occurrence of premature aging
Decrease the feather on the skin
Coping With Hair Loss
Overcome dandruff hair
Help raise the dead skin cells
Get smooth skin on the heel and elbow
Can serve as a natural hair dye
Moisturize dry skin
Make dark skin becomes brighter and white.

Turmeric turns out an awful lot of ya useful for treating various diseases and can make you become more beautiful. Try to consume turmeric each morning or before bed. You can make it into a natural herbal medicine prescription to prevent the arrival of the disease and treat illness you are suffering.

Nah deh is finished for now about 50 benefits of Turmeric for health and beauty. Maybe other dipostingan I will make some herbal recipe of how to make this turmeric. So you need not far afield looking for yng selling herbal medicine.
50 benefits of Turmeric for beauty and health


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