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Assorted Recipes Smoothies For A Healthy Diet

Assorted Recipes Smoothies For A Healthy Diet
Slim and healthy body is a dream of all people, especially for a woman. Avidly consume smoothies diet to become one of the most popular body slimming methods at this time. A wide range of special recipes could be interpreted on its own at home, fruit and vegetable ingredients easy to find while equipment needed only one i.e. the blender. Of course for those of you who are looking for ways to lose weight in a healthy, fast and easy, precise answers are smoothies.

How to make smoothies to lose weight

Slim doesn't mean skinny!
Slim is a condition in which the body weight fat and water composition in accordance, as well as having a mass of muscle that can form a sloping body beautifully.

So, what should be done to form a slim body?

Run a healthy eating pattern, a simple example is to reduce the consumption of sugar and avoid fast food.
Running pattern of healthy living that eliminate moving lazy habits accompanied avidly consume smoothies for a healthy diet.

Often consume fruit or vegetable smoothies acknowledged many people may help to lower body weight quickly. But do not let pass up the intake of nutrients such as carbohydrates, folic acid or iron because the person doing the diet program are at risk of experiencing problems with anemia or less blood. Make sure you stay away from fast food, fizzy drinks and junk food.

In order for the Agency to slim down quickly, do the detox program for three days in a row. Use to clean up the grime and the pent-up toxins within the body. How by drinking juices for a detox, you can get the recipe in PDF form for free on this page.

Indeed all types of fruits and vegetables is very good is consumed because rich in vitamins, fiber, complex carbohydrates including minerals. Nevertheless, various vegetable and fruit diet is good for tomatoes, carrots, apples, oranges, papaya, beetroot, banana PEAR, avocado, pineapple and mango fruit. All of these materials have nutrient content of nutrients most well-suited for slimming the body quickly, safely, healthy of course.

Assorted Recipes Smoothies For A Healthy Diet
1. pineapple orange Smoothie
diet smoothies 1 pictures

150 grams of ripe pineapple
1 piece of sweet orange
1 thumb of ginger section
100 ml ice water

How to make:

Washer pineapple fruit, Peel the skin then cut into wedges.
Sweet orange skin and seeds removed, washed and peeled ginger.
Put all the ingredients into a blender, smoothies process until smooth into mush.
Pour into glasses, and serve immediately.

2. Banana smoothies
banana smoothie pictures

1 piece of pisang ambon
10 pieces of fresh strawberries
100 ml cold water

Assorted Recipes Smoothies For A Healthy Diet
How to make it:

Peel the banana then wash clean strawberries (discard leaves his throne).
Mix all the ingredients, and blend until smooth.
Pour into a glass serving, serve immediately.

3. tomato carrot Smoothies
tomato carrot Smoothie diet for

1 piece of carrot
1 ripe plum tomatoes
1 piece of sweet orange
10 ml ice water

How to cultivate smoothies:

Clean wash carrots then peeled his skin. Clean the tomatoes from the dirt also clings to.
Sweet orange peel and remove the seeds.
Put all into a blender. Process until smooth well blended.
Strain, pour into glasses, serve immediately.

4. Bit strawberry smoothies
strawberry smoothie pictures

2 medium-size bits of fruit
6 pieces of strawberry
200 ml cold water

How to make:

Cut the fruit bits, Peel fruit.
Clean the strawberries and put together the other ingredients into a blender.
Process until smooth, strain it and serve immediately.

5. Apple carrot Smoothie
diet for Apple Smoothie

1 piece Apple malang
2 medium-size carrots
1 finger fresh ginger ibi segment
100 ml ice water

How to make:

Clean carrots, apples and then cut into pieces and then seeded. Clean ginger then peeled his skin.
Stir in the ginger and carrot into the juice extractor. Process until the fruit juices coming out. Capacity in a glass.
Mix carrots, julienned apples along the water. Blend until smooth.
Pour into glasses, serve when chilled.

6. fruit smoothies Recipes fruit guava pink
papaya smoothie pictures

100 g ripe papaya, diced
100 g red guava, cut into pieces
1 piece lemon, take water
100 ml cold water

How to make:
Mix all the ingredients into a blender, and process until smooth as fruit pulp. Strain the smoothie, pour in a glass. Serve immediately.
Assorted Recipes Smoothies For A Healthy Diet


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