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Ginger Plant

Ginger Plant
How to plant ginger in Polybag - Ginger is one of the popular plant either in Indonesia or in the world. In addition to being used as a spice/seasoning, ginger was much used as a remedy. You may be familiar with typical cuisine made of ginger like bandrek wedang round, long, etc. which is very tasty eaten during cold weather to warm up the body.

Rather than buy ginger for its own consumption, it would be nice if you plant the ginger in the House so they will be every time you need ginger then you can pick it up directly from Your yard, a more efficient, safer and fresher. Usually planting directly using ginger in soils, but for those of you who do not have spacious lawns, you can get ginger with ginger planting in poly bag or in a pot.

How to plant ginger in Polybag

Plant the ginger in a polybag is quite easy and practical. Cultivation ways of ginger is indeed not much depend on the place and the weather so that it can be done anywhere and anytime. From planting to harvesting takes approximately 10 to 12 months only.

Ginger Plant
The following are ways to plant the ginger in polybag:

1. Preparation of Seeds

How to plant ginger in polybag can use either ginger seeds taken from the garden, or the rhizome of the ginger plant store or you can make use of the rhizome of ginger that you buy at the market/supermarket. A good ginger seeds, preferably obtained from plants that have been/berumur 10 months old upwards or Rhizome of ginger are large, bright, healthy and smooth.

Cut the Rhizome to the size of a finger and chilli seeds soak in a solution of fungicide during +/-15 minutes so that the seeds are free of mushrooms.
Semailah seed ginger on a humid place. You can do in the garden as long as it is not exposed to direct light. Or you can perform seeding in the warehouse. Use of straw as a plinth and cover the seeds of ginger. When the straw is not available, you can use chaff.
Do monitoring seedlings per day, when it felt too dry, you can shed water at planting media.
Seeding is done for 2 weeks or Rhizome shoots already growing.

2. Preparation of the planting Media

The planting medium that can be used to plant the ginger in a polybag is varied, You can take advantage of the materials available at home.

Prepare the fine sand, soils, compost and manure in comparison with a 2: 2: 1: 1.
Stir evenly and leave for 1-2 weeks, do the stirring when needed.

3. the Planting technique of ginger in Polybag

Here are the steps how to plant ginger in polybag:

Prepare a black polybag or sack with a size 60x60cm, make sure there is a hole in the bottom of the poly bag for drainage.
Insert the media that has been prepared for planting into poly bag.
Plug 3-5 seeds into it with eyes of ginger root to the top.
Cover the seed with planting medium with a thickness of about 3-5 cm.
Cover it with straw/burn the chaff.
Place poly bag in the shade/no direct sunlight.

4. Treatment

How to plant ginger in poly bag doesn't need special care are complicated.

At the beginning of the planting of up to 3 months of penyiramaan needs to be done every day, morning and evening, especially during the dry season.
Weeding/cleansing of weeds in a polybag is done on a regular basis up to the age of 4 months.
Fertilizing is done when the plants reach 2 months of age with dose followed by measure, advocated by the factory of the maker. For best results, do the fertilization by as much as 3 x until the harvest arrives.

5. Harvesting

Harvesting ginger can be done at the age of 10 months, but to get a large Rhizome, you should wait until the age of 1 year. Harvesting ginger grown using poly bag is very easy, you can simply rip polybag then take ginger Rhizome, shake-goyangkan, wipe/wash and dry it in the Sun to get rid of the water that clings to it. Ginger are ready for use.

Recipe for Ginger Lemongrass Wedang Throat

How do I plant the ginger in a polybag is pretty easy isn't it?
Ginger Plant


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