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How to Naturally Treat Disease Miom

How to Naturally Treat Disease Miom
Not known by many women, this is unfortunate. Miom disease is one of the diseases that attack the women, but unfortunately not many know what it is and how can it be miom disease onset disease miom. In other words the Miom from tumors of the uterine muscles, where the cell – a benign abnormal cells grow in the muscle wall of the uterus. Miom is itself a type of benign tumor-like disease and is located on the wall of the womb of the woman who then grow at a time when women still in its productive.

Size is not large, the miom miom measures only such as nuts or grapes. More dangerous again miom not only grow one on the wall of the uterus, but the miom could grow much at all over the walls of the uterus. The disease itself can be miom develops quickly, but with a slow growing depending on the person and the cause of supporting him. Miom himself was not associated with risk of cancer of the uterus, although several possibilities could happen but some cases miom very far with the risk of uterine cancer.

How To Naturally Treat Disease Miom
Symptoms Of The Disease Miom
To know the disease is usually not easy, miom because it is not easy to prove. The disease usually known on own miom during pregnancy or at the time of entering the birth. Many women are not aware of any miom on the uterine wall, the cause is the size of a small, miom and generally does not provide an easy-to-recognize symptoms that the existence of the disease miom. The following are some of the symptoms that came when the disease is on the wall of the uterus miom women:

1. Often feel pain in the abdomen or hips.
2. When you are in a situation not yet filled with food, the stomach feels full and already felt full.
3. when in a position of menstruation often anemic, as many blood kehilngan.
4. On the pelvis, it feels like nothing is pressed. Not just carried but also occur in the bladder, the organ or cavity on the other hip.
5. The existence of a miscarriage is also one of the symptoms of the disease miom.
6. Often feel constipated.
7. at the close of the uterus, there are things chewy.
8. then women who are stricken with the disease are usually difficult to conceive miom.
How to Naturally Treat Disease Miom
Disease-Causing Miom
Symptoms – symptoms are small when perceived to be immediately dealt with, check with your doctor on the pregnancy in order not to be late. The cause of this is when the miom is not yet known for certain, but some experts say that the disease is caused by hormones alone miom – hormone on the body, especially the hormone esterogen. On a person's body must have been the effect of the hormone also work differently, it can also cause the onset of disease miom. Can experience increased development Miom go hand in hand with the productivity, will be quick to esterogen hormone increases during pregnancy. Not only the hormone esterogen hormone progesterone, but it can also affect the growth of the lining of the uterus miom. In addition to the cause is hormonal, miom disease itself can be due to infection or a fungus that is inside the womb. Maintain the cleanliness of the organ of femininity is required in order to be spared from diseases miom himself.

Tips to treat Diseases in the traditional way using the Miom natural ingredients
The disease is usually cured with miom ways oprasi or it could be using drugs – drugs. Check with your doctor on uterine health skilled later if felt the oprasi or using drugs – drugs from the doctor was feeling comfortable, then do. If you do not feel comfortable to do so you can also do it by using herbal drugs – drugs that you can own racik. Here's how to make a herbal potion sickness miom:

1. By using fresh leaves and zedoary gods. It's easy, the first step to do is to collect the material for 50 gram zedoary that is still fresh, 30 grams of leaves of the gods, and the last one is 15 grams of dried tuber puzzles. How to pemakainnya with Lotus root in pieces first, and then in the washing NET along with all the ingredients above. Then rebuslah all ingredients with 1000 cc 400 cc remaining water until the water is cooked. Each drink 200 cc the past two times.

2. Or with 30 grams of dried tea loranthus, 30 grams of leaves of the hia, 30 grams of white fresh turmeric, 50 grams of fresh mango inventiveness. How to pembutannya is clean, wash all materials that will be used, then the same steps are boiled with water until the remaining 1000 cc 400 cc and seduh twice a day with a rate of 200 cc on each.

Miom is one disease that is dangerous because it can lead to not have descendants, so for women must also maintain the cleanliness of her womanhood, maintain health, and set up a healthy diet. For the causes and how to treat the disease miom can be found in the physician experts to consult.
How to Naturally Treat Disease Miom


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