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Processed Herbal Tea Leaves to dry the rich benefits of Soursop

Processed Herbal Tea Leaves to dry the rich benefits of Soursop
To make soursop leaf tea, you could use the fresh leaves picked daily to be drying or dry leaves. How to process quite simple, does not require special additional ingredients just a sweetener such as sugar or drink honey. Although easy to make, the benefits of soursop leaves can kill many kinds of cancer cells and cure dangerous diseases such as cyst, diabetes, hypertension and stroke.

Processed herbal tea leaves to dry the rich benefits of soursop

Be thankful that we live in indonesia because the plant soursop (Soursop) can be found easily and you can take advantage of the leaves is free. In fact, herbal products made from the leaves is like a teabag is already sold. It is suitable for you who didn't get to boiling soursop leaves alone but want to experience improved.

Maybe a lot of people (including you) are more familiar with the soursop fruit juice processed tea made from the leaves compared to those plants. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium so it is beneficial to maintaining the health of the body. Assorted fruit smoothie recipes are tasty and fresh soursop can be seen here.

A variety of modern research has already managed to prove the efficacy of this leaf extract is very beneficial for health. One AgrEvo Research Center, North Carolina, United States found positive results about the benefits of soursop leaf to anti-cancer. While in Indonesia, testing has been done Cancer Chemoprevention Research Center University of Gadjah Mada (UGM-CCRC).

The Benefits Of Drinking Tea And Soursop Leaves Regularly

Killing cancer cells without disturbing the health of other organs of the body.
Unlike chemotherapy, soursop leaf tea does not cause the effects of hair loss, weight loss or nausea.
Improve the immune system, particularly suitable for restoring body condition after experiencing pain.
Keeping blood sugar stability so that is good for people with diabetes or high blood pressure (hypertension).
Help launch the blood circulation in the body so that it can treat mild stroke.
Very effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites and tumor development.
Healing properties of soursop are also useful as antipsychotics and lower fevers.
Soursop tea consumption regularly increase stamina, useful in speeding up the healing process of a disease, and a healthy digestive system.

Processed Herbal Tea Leaves to dry the rich benefits of Soursop
For you who want to feel the benefits of soursop leaf tea without bother preparing materials author, you can buy products at the drugstore or herbal drug store nearby. Make sure that the product already has a certificate in drug and food Supervisory Agency (BPOM) so quality is assured.

Soursop leaf to boil 15 sheets needed 1 liter of water,
as for the 10 pieces 3 cups (600 cc) of water,
and for 3 pieces just put 1 cup water.

Processed fresh soursop leaf recipes

3 pieces of fresh leaves
A glass of clean water
Sugar or honey as a sweetener

How to process them:

Select the leaves are still green light (not too old), wash clean.
Boil a few moments until the water is lightly browned like tea.
Lift, set aside its leaves and add sweetener if necessary.

Soursop Leaf Tea Recipe Is Dry
By: Naja Ahlun

soursop leaf tea recipe is dry
15 minutes
20 minutes

Recipes for: 3 servings

10 sheets soursop leaf
3 cups of clean water
Honey or sugar

How to make it:

Prepare a leaf which is not defective (perforated), wash with running water and then dry it with a clean cloth.
Bathing under the scorching sun until the leaves dry out, pick up to be boiled.
Boil the dried soursop leaves with 3 glasses of water, wait until the water is reduced and Brown.
Lift, save on the container jar or bottle to drink three times.

If not processed tea consuming terbisa soursop leaves, start by drinking just one glass per day. After a few days, added the portions into two glasses per day i.e. morning and evening. How this is done so that the body can absorb shock and not benefits of soursop leaf optimally.
Processed Herbal Tea Leaves to dry the rich benefits of Soursop


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