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She Is Washing Way The Kidneys Naturally

She Is Washing Way The Kidneys Naturally
Over the years, our kidneys filtering out the salt, toxins and harmful substances in the blood that goes into the body. Over time, all these substances will accumulate and certainly necessary treatments or kidney organ on cleanup.

Here's how easy and natural to wash your kidneys using celery leaves as its main ingredient.
Take 1 bunch celery leaves (parsley/malli/kothimbir/dhaniya) and then wash to clean.
Into small pieces and then input into a pot containing water.
Boil for 10 minutes and then let sit/chill.
Saringlah celery leaves, input into a clean bottle and input into the fridge
Drink 1 glass each day and you will feel the benefits of water decoction of leaves of celery is

Salt and toxins that are already piling up will come out through the urine while urinating. You will also feel the difference in your body that have never felt before. Celery leaves known as best cleaning materials for kidney organ and this is a way of treatment or natural cleansing.

In addition, the leaves of celery can also be utilized to prevent a number of diseases such as rheumatic, dry eye (XEROFTALMIA), high blood pressure, cough, allergies and others. The trick is as follows:
She Is Washing Way The Kidneys Naturally

Cut into small 1 handheld leaves and stalks celery, then boiled in 2 cups of water to 1 cup remaining. Let cool and strain the boiled water and then drink all at once

Dry Eye
Consuming celery leaves as vegetables along with rice every day is a natural event to address complaints of dry eyes. First wash celery leaves, spinach leaves and leaf kelor each as much as 1/3 handheld to clean. Then the leaves all minced until smooth. Add teaspoon salt seujung and 3/4 cup white water is already cooked. Squeeze the mixture until leaves are flattened and then squeeze and strain. Drinking water perasannya at once and it is recommended to drink it regularly 3 times a day.

High blood pressure
Wash celery leaves 100 grams of whole person to clean then mashed until smooth. Add 1 cup of water, squeeze and strain. The next team to boil and after cold divide portions for 2 times in the morning and drink during the day. Or it could be with 16 whole stalks celery wash to clean then a rough cut. Enter into a panic email, add 2 cups of water and boil until the water is 3/4 left him alone. Once cool, the water rebusannya drink and seledrinya can be eaten. Do each 2 times a day with a serving of each half.

Washing 60 grams of fresh celery leaves, 10 grams of dried mandarin orange peel and 25 grams Palm sugar water until the remaining half. Once cool, and then strain the water saringannya and portion is divided to 2 times the drinking time morning and evening respectively as much as 3/4 cups.

Wash fresh celery 30 grams of whole, then cut into pieces. Next boil celery leaves in 3 glasses of water. Once cool, then strain and add honey to taste. Use this to drink the concoction 2 times while drinking the morning and evening.

Prepare fresh whole celery 60 grams, 1 red ginger finger sections and 1 cut into Palm sugar. Wash all the ingredients and then cut into pieces as necessary. Boil all ingredients in 2 cups of clean water to the remaining half. Once cool, and then strain the water saringannya and then drink all at once.

Hair Fertilizer Efficacious
Washers 7 or 10 stalks celery leaves to clean and then mash until smooth. After the completion of dikeramas, rub it slowly collisions the celery leaves into the scalp and hair to evenly while getting a massage. Once done, wrap your hair using a towel and let stand 60 minutes/1 hour. Furthermore, bilaslah the hair up to the net and do for 1 week to nourish hair naturally.
She Is Washing Way The Kidneys Naturally


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